Family First Healthcare: Pain Management-Norcross Location

6330 Primrose Hill Court, Suite 208.,Norcross, GA, 30092. Phone: 1-844-641-0036 Fax: 706-850-8999, Email:



Our Norcross Pain Clinic is located at 6330 Primrose Hill Court, Suite 208.,Norcross, GA, 30092. Dr. Subodh Agrawal frequents this location and uses it to serve the Gwinnett County area patients. There are a variety of pain management services offered here, including meditation and mindfulness, non-narcotic medications (fillable at your local pharmacy), bio-feedback, pain coaching and more!

Benefits of our Location

One of the important parts of the Norcross location is the variety of equipment that is available to the doctors when they are diagnosing your pain. Not only can they draw blood, and take blood pressure like your typical doctor’s office, but we have a battery of state of the art testing machines. In the Nuclear building there is a PET scan machine that can take detailed scan of your body, focusing on whatever area is causing you pain. In the Ultrasound clinic, we use ultrasonic imaging to view muscles, tendons and many internal organs, some of the most common sites of pain. This lets us tailor a pain management solution specific to your body, dramatically increasing your chances of improvement.