Family First Healthcare: Pain Management-Lavonia Location

11973 Augusta Road,Lavonia,GA 30553. Phone: 1-844-641-0036 Fax: 706-850-8999, Email:

Family First Healthcare: Pain Management-Lavonia

Our Family First Healthcare: Pain Management-Lavonia location is run out of Family First Healthcare-Lavonia. Dr. Subodh Agrawal and Dr. Brown both frequent this location and use it to treat the Lavonia area. There are a variety of pain management services offered here, including non-narcotic medications (fillable at your local pharmacy), bio-feedback, pain coaching, physical rehabilitation and more!

Benefits of Our Location

The Lavonia branch was started because our doctors saw a growing need for pain management services in the area. The branch offers a variety of treatment options, and will create a customizable plan using our state of the art testing machines and diagnostic platforms to get you on the road to recovery. We remain committed to a non-narcotic approach, as the development of an opioid dependency destroy months of pain management work.